Real Estate Photography


Real estate photography has evolved over the years from film to digital processing.  Digital photography itself has evolved since its inception and acceptance in the photography world.  With the advent of digital photography came the ability to easily manipulate the images with programs such as Adobe-the industry leader in digital software such as Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator are three of the more popular photo editing or media programs.   Photographers now know instantly  quality of the photos taken and then can improve the quality of the image using software.  Grey skies can be replaced with blue skies or winter lawns are made green again with the magic of the software.

The digital camera itself has become not only a camera but a mini-computer, with the ability to control an images sharpness, lighting and color immediately, in ways never possible with film. Wide angle lens allow the capture of even the smallest room or the expansiveness of a large den or game room.  Digital facilitates the capture of a home during while the sun is setting, capturing the glow of the setting sun and windows.

My equipment includes: two Nikon D7200 and one Nikon D7100.   For interiors and exteriors photos I shoot with a Nikon Nikkor 10-24mm lens.  Equipment List

HDR images are the product of combining (fusing) two or more photos shot at different exposure values.  There are several programs available to process the images.  I process my HDR images with the Photomatix software.  The final photos have sharp details, increased luminance and colors.

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