Photo Process

I shoot my homes using Nikon cameras and Nikkor 10-24 wide angle lens to capture the smallest of rooms to the largest of rooms. In some cases I will use a 70-270 lens for exteriors and for some interior photos to capture specifics photos highlighting a home’s detail.  Additional  lighting is used if needed to add light to darker rooms.  All photos are with the camera mounted on a tripod to provide stable and consistent height views of rooms.  Shooting a home is the only first step followed by processing the photos in Photoshop.  During this process cropping, color correction, lens’ distortion correction and more are performed to provide quality photography.  Photos the homeowner will be proud of and exposes their home to agent’s and more importantly-buyers as they search the internet for a new home.   Homes with quality photos draw more attention and buyers spend more time viewing those homes.