I have been photographing homes for over 20 years, evolving from 35mm film to Hi-Res digital.  The real estate industry is only one of many the digital camera has revolutionized.  Instant availability and enhancement of the images now allows the photographer the ability to enhance their images in a multitude of methods and programs. Thus, providing customers/agents with high quality images almost immediately.  View my resume.

I currently subscribe to the Adobe Creative Suite with a full range of editing programs and tools.  PhotoMatix is a “merging” program I use.  This program mergers two or more images into a single high definition photo.  The result can be realistic

Prior to 2016,  I worked exclusively for David H. Young and the David Young Team.  My responsibilities included photographing agent’s listings and creating listing marketing materials for the team’s agents.  David was also the listing agent for Kickerillo Companies one of the largest custom home and community developers in Houston, representing the company for over 15 years.  In that period I photographed nearly all the homes in the Kickerillo’s developments of Lakes of Parkway and The Parkway at Eldridge.  During this period I photographed nearly if not a 1,000 homes, including Kickerillo Homes and the DYT agents’ listings.

I currently  work with agents from all real estate companies.  I like working directly with the agent and homeowner which helps insure that they will have the desired results.

In addition to my photo service, I offer and provide custom marketing materials tailored to an agent’s marketing needs.  I have nearly 200 communities I have photographed and for many I have designed “community flyers” both branded and unbranded for use in MLS for the agent.  I typically provide this as a part of my photography package.  A small fee may be required for any additional customization.  For a nominal fee, the community flyers are also available to agents which I may not work with.